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Deal Alert: Free $10 credit at BuyWithMe

Click here and sign up for free at and you automatically receive a $10 credit into your account. It’s for new and current members.

BuyWithMe is similar to Groupon in that daily offers are available for products and services at discounted prices.

No harm in getting the $10 credit and trying it out.



Groupon is a rapidly growing company and their name has started to spread nationwide. If you haven’t heard of them, think of Groupon as sort of like a mass coupon company. They offer daily discounts to merchants at the local, national and even international level.

Companies will offer their discounts through Groupon but usually with a stipulation that a minimum number of buyers have to purchase the discount before it goes into effect. There is also a maximum so if you see a deal you want, don’t hesitate to purchase it. Sign up is free at the Groupon website and there is no obligation. If you decide to purchase a Groupon, all you have to do is confirm and pay for it. Then Groupon will alert you via email when your Groupon is ready to print or if it’s on online offer, a coupon code will be given (check the conditions to see if it’s in store or online). I’ve never seen a Groupon without an expiration date (like most coupons) so keep that in mind.

When you do sign up, your Groupon page will list any current offer(s) from a local company. Some are small companies trying to get their name out there and create business. Others are large and well known such as today’s Groupon for Bath & Body Works. Some Groupons are advertised in other parts of the country but can be purchased by anyone if the company does e-commerce. An example of this was when Groupon offered a 16″ x 20″ gallery wrapped canvas for $45 from Canvas on Demand earlier this month. Regular price was $126.95. This offer only showed up for Washington DC but anyone could purchase this Groupon. I typically find out about these offers at Slick Deals.

Groupon doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. Google recently tried to buy the company for a reported $6 billion. After being turned down, Google recently launched “Google Offers” which might provide some competition to Groupon. Other companies vying for the “group buying” business that Groupon started include Living Social and BuyWithMe. They have a ways to go to reach Groupon’s status and outreach at this point in time.

I recently used a Groupon I had purchased in December for a local mexican restaurant. Never hurts to score some points with the spouse by taking her out to dinner! We had never been to this restaurant and probably wouldn’t have if it were not for the Groupon. But I decided to give it a try as it only cost me $10 for a $25 voucher. I had no issues using my printed Groupon and the experience and food were both very good.

I highly recommend checking Groupon’s site regularly and taking advantage of their offers when the right one for you comes along.