Product Review: Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Periodically I will share my views/opinion of products that I’ve recently purchased and used.

With hardwood and tile floors throughout our home, I have plenty of non-carpeted area to keep clean. I’ve been looking to replace the Swiffer WetJet mop that I’ve been using for a few years now. The cost of the chemical solution and replacement pads was starting to get to me.

Enter the Shark steam pocket mop. It’s a product I first saw on an informercial. Now, I’m not a big infomercial watcher. Once in a while, something catches my eye as I channel surf and I’ll watch it for a little while. The Shark steam pocket mop is one such example.

So I proceeded to read a few reviews online from people who had purchased this mop. I like to see if the item I’m interested in lives up to the hype. This seemed to have mostly positive reviews so I placed my order with and it showed up at my door two days later.

Unpacking and setting it up was easy enough. In no time at all, I was steam mopping away. No chemicals needed with this mop. The water reservoir holds quite a bit of water. I had to refill it one time to complete all my floors. There is no button to turn it on. Once you plug the 25 foot cord in, it starts heating up. The niftiest part is that it steams on its own. The motion of pushing and pulling the mop back and forth “pumps” the mop and creates the steam. As I was mopping, I could see a very thin film of water on the floor but it dried streak free in less than 30 seconds. Dried water spots on the hardwood disappeared with a couple passes of the mop. The pad can be used on both sides so I flipped mine over halfway through. When I finished, both sides of the pad were dirty which told me that it did the job. All I had to do now is throw the dirty pad in the washing machine for reuse next time. (An extra pad is included as well)

I have no idea how much sanitizing it’s actually doing but I can tell you that the floors came out really nice. I truly could feel a difference on my bare feet. Maybe it was because my floors were that dirty? 🙂

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