Let’s get going…

I am a huge Amazon.com fan. I’ve had a prime membership for a few years now and it’s been totally worth it. Free two day shipping, $3.99 one day shipping option plus you can add your family to the membership so they can use it too.

If you are not a prime member but make an occasional purchase at Amazon, best thing to do is get a free trial membership for 30 days and give it a go. Are you a student with a .edu email account? You can try Prime out for a year for free. Are you a parent or caregiver? Then sign up for free as an “Amazon Mom”. Parents of babies and toddlers enjoy an extra 30% off items such as diapers and wipes when you use the subscribe and save feature. Subscribe and save is something I look for regularly when I buy staple items. It typically subtracts 15% off the price and you determine the length of the subscription (1-6 months). But the great part is the subscription is cancelable at any time. Amazon will mark down household items regularly and most have a S&S option. It’s like getting 15% off their already low price.

You’ll probably find yourself looking for things you’d normally buy elsewhere to get the most out of your trial. That’s what I did and I got hooked. Amazon’s prices are very competitive and more times than not, they’re lower than Target, Wal-Mart, etc. For example, I just recently purchase a 6 pack Brita water filters for our water pitcher for $27. Wal-mart has a 5 pack of the same filters for considerably more. Target has the same 6 pack of Brita filters that Amazon has for the same price. But if you factor in cost of gas and tax, it comes out to a bit more. Best thing about buying from Amazon aside from the great deals is the fact that my purchases show up at my doorstep in two days. So convenient.

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